Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Greetings from Grand Cayman and Challenge Update

So, my dear readers, all two of you ;-), I am finally on that coveted vacation on Grand Cayman Island.
But, since I have some swimming and drinking to do, I'll keep this short.
Yes, I have completed my challenge (Yay!). I have mailed a new copy of my book to a competition on Friday, Jan. 27, with about 42,000 words in it.
What happened...
Well, I was so busy those last few days with writing, fixing the book, table of contents, some work, my car's battery dying...that I didn't have time to blog nor do Yoga (Sigh.)
But I got it all done. My car got a new battery, and I finished my manuscript with borrowing two stories from my first version a year ago. Everything else was brand new or somewhat new.
So, keep your fingers crossed! If I win this, I will be published and all set.
Greetings from Stingrays and Blue Iguanas.
I have to go now, but I'll write with more details in a few days...

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