Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day One

I half-strolled, half-rode to Dolcezza, with my ailing laptop, still good enough for writing, exactly at noon. Kind of symbolic.
I have rewritten my new story, New York, New York. I know it's not really the most imaginative title, but it works for now.
So, it took me three hours to significantly rewrite 4,000 words.
Not bad.
So, I'm down to...wait for it...wait for it...(How I met you mother, I know, it's just so funny and I swear, I have never used it before)....-19,600 words!
That's about half of what I need.
Of course, I will need to do a little more edits for this story, but nothing significant, I hope.
I'm waiting for the feedback on it first.
So, I will get some late lunch now, I try to do some more work this afternoon/evening.
Damn, it's cold outside! Good for writing I guess.

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