Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Countdown to finishing my second version of my first book of prose starts tomorrow!
I will keep a blog-journal of what I do every day towards the goal of finishing it by Jan. 27, since on Jan. 28 I will be on Grand Cayman Island drinking a Strawberry Daiquiri. Oh, yes!
I want to submit my manuscript to a book competition at the end of this month.
I have about half of 40,000 words ready to go, and another 10,000 in the works. So I need to drain 10,000 out of my head or my first version.
The problem with that is that I have become a better writer in a year. So, whatever there was in the first version, needs to be reworked.
And I have...what...23 days. (Faint sound)
You should keep me in shape with your comments.
I like deadlines, they help me strengthen out. Like boot camp.
So, let the games begin....tomorrow, that is. Now I will watch new Parenthood.
Challenge Number One of 2012!

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