Friday, August 24, 2012

When in Rome...

And I call myself a writer! For shame! When I get busy--work, travel, I cease to be a writer. Lame. Embarrassing. Pathetic.
Actually, even though I have a day off before I have to pack for Rome, I barely dragged myself to my favorite cafe to write. "I'm tired, I have so many things to do, blah blah..."
But I did drag myself out, half awake ( I didn't have much sleep last night, and not to good reasons either), and took a bus.
Yes, I was even too lazy to walk.
But now I'm good, my brain is at about 40% capacity, and I'm still waiting for my soy latte to kick in.
And yes, I'm still vegan, until Sunday. On Monday, I'm reverting back to vegetarian. Why? 'Cause I'll be in Rome, and you can't be a vegan in Rome. Food, dude?! Cappuccinos?! Why do you think I'm going to Rome?!
That would be a great book title, or a story: "She went to Rome to have a cappuccino al banco."
And to put her hand into La Bocca Della Verita. Uh huh.
Last time I was there, I wanted to see the Bocca, but no one could tell me where it was, and by no one I mean random Italians in coffee shops and postcard stores.
So, this time I'm coming armed with directions and maps and walking shoes.
And I'm putting my hand into that Bocca, damn it!
Funny thing, I forgot what I wished for three years ago when I flipped that coin into Trevi. So, now how do I know if it worked?!
This time I'll write it down. Actually, I know what I want. Besides to come back to Rome. Hey, that one came true! Almost. Three days away...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sharks, kayaks, Amazing Graces, interviews, Roman cappuccinos

Hello earthlings!
I know, I dropped from the face of the earth.
Where have I been, what have I done?
Well, just got back from Boston's South Shore, Boston proper and Cape Code-Province town and Hyannis.
Great vacation, except that no one told me there are sharks in Cape Cod. I, typically found out after I got out of the water in Hyannis. Thank God it was still kind of chilly for me (everything below 80 is chilly for me) so I didn't stay long in the water nor went very far. 
Boston was as charming as always. I bloody love that city. The salty fresh ocean air behind skyscrapers! Big parks! Excellent shopping and cafe culture. What's not to like?!
And I finally kayaked! First my family made me paddle boat, which I didn't like since it was too hard (but I never fell in the water, thanks to my Yoga skills, I'm guessing...) but then, once I got into kayak and learned how to turn myself around, hello fun!
As usually I regret not trying it earlier in my vacation. Oh, well, there's always next year.
In other news, VOA Serbian Service interviewed me about my writing successes. The interview
My story "Just a boy" was accepted by Amazing Graces, a book of fiction by DC area female writers and it will come out next year with promotion in Politics and Prose. Hugely proud of that.
Two other stories: "Bucket of melted pig's fat," and "Storm" have been accepted by two magazines and are coming out in September and October. 
What else? Have a few agents interested in my book which I finally finished (sigh) for the second time. So I'm keeping my fingers crosses to find a publisher by the end of the year. 
And lastly, I am going to Rome, Italy and Serbia at the end of this month! The reasons? First, I love Italy and I am from Serbia. Second, my nephew is getting baptised. Third, I'm learning Italian. Forth, I want to do research on this Vampire story I have began to write but don't have enough info to make it historic.
There you go. Not that I needed four reasons to go anywhere.
And one more thing. My birthday is next week. Any ideas on what I should do on that day (Monday)?