Sunday, January 15, 2012

Challenge: Day Twelve or Half Done

I cannot believe that I have been writing 12 days in a row. I mean, some days less, some days more but it was always on my head, and I made a point to leave at least a couple of hours a day for writing.
Today I wrote and rewrote 600 words. A little flash-fiction. I might expand, we'll see.
So, I have 11 days left to finish the 40,000 words, put it in a book manuscript form, and mail it.
Also today, I went through my last year's version looking for hidden treasure, and except for a few excellent story ideas, I have already milked everything I could have out of that journalistic attempt to write fiction.
And to think that a year ago I thought that version was great?!
Who said that ignorance is bliss!
Knowledge just makes you hungrier and restless.
I'm getting of the philosophy wagon now (I didn't even have anything to drink, I swear. Maybe I should.)
Tomorrow, I'll count all the words in my new version, see how many I'm missing. Then try to write more. And more. And more.

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