Sunday, January 22, 2012

Challenge: Days 15-18

Yes, I'm human, and I dropped the ball.
On Thursday, Day 15, I went to Baked and Wired in Georgetown and had a bad latte, or a too strong of a latte for my sensitive stomach (that's why I always drink single shot ones) and got heartburn for the next two days.
And heartburn makes me depressed and drains all creativity out of me.
So, on Day 15, I fixed up my recent story, The Storm, based on my writing group's critique, but on Day 16, I didn't feel like living let alone writing.
On Day 17, I was hosting a birthday party. Alas, no time.
And today is Day 18.
Today, I will write, damn it!
So, in my view, since this is my challenge, I haven't completely failed it if, and only if ("If is good,") I still manage to have 40,000 by Friday.
Today is Sunday!
My new writing class starts on Tuesday night, so I have to prepare for that as well. And I'm exhausted from the party. And I have to get ready for Cayman Islands. But I will write, damn it.
So, I need 1000 per day, starting tomorrow. Today. Tomorrow. Today.
Or maybe I can cheat, and include a story from my previous version?
"Be first, be smartest, or cheat," said Jeremy Irons in a movie recently. I like that saying. Preferably I'd like to do/be all three ;-) just this once.

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