Friday, January 6, 2012

Challenge: Day Three

Quirky day.
It started with me not being able to turn my laptop on.
Panic. Fury. Desire to kill a meat-eater.
Luckily my husband was at home (sick).
So, this was the scenario.
My laptop won't turn on, I'm freaking out, snapping at the cats, him, walls, flowers, air.
He googles on his small notebook I hate (it's so slow!): "laptop won't turn on."
Very peculiar directions pop out:
"Take the battery out, turn laptop upside down, hold the "on" button upside down, for at least 30 seconds, then turn it around and turn it on, then put battery back in."
Let's just say, mildly, I was skeptical.
I'm swearing, and thinking about who's to blame--the last guy who allegedly fixed my computer, or me, who didn't back up my work from yesterday. I call myself an "idiot" multiple times.
Still desperate.
He does all the weird steps and it works! Happiness and joy!
I backup my work and swear never, ever to leave anything not backed-up.
Then I pack up and go to Baked and Wired in Georgetown, and tired as I was (I slept about seven hours. I need nine.) I pick up on a beginning of a story from months ago, and to my huge surprise, it takes off, and takes on a shape!
It's promising. It actually made me emotional. I know, I'm such a wuss.
Now, it's still very raw and not even half-way in but I put in about 1,600 words! That's more than my quota for the day. Yay!

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