Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Countdown: Day Eight

I didn't have such a great writing day today.
I felt tired this morning, and especially tired of writing. And I had some errands to run so by the time I got to Dolcezza and had my latte in my hand, I was depraved of all creativity.
Instead, since I had to write (I don't give up easily) I researched a bit for a story I'm currently writing (the story of Gorilla) then I wrote another pathetic 200-300 words. I was embarrassed to even calculate (I think it was about 222) but, hey, it's better than nothing, right, at least I tried.
Still puzzles me why it just flows on certain days and it's like pulling teeth on others.
I guess we are not meant to write well every day.
That's why it's a challenge.
I didn't even go to Yoga today.
Well, I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully. I'm planning on doing Yoga first, then writing, to boost creativity, if it proves to be boostable.

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