Monday, January 2, 2012

Burning PCs, I mean, Word...

This new year has started well and not so well for me. The "well" part is that one of my poems is going to be published in the Burning Word magazine by the end of this week. It's a poem I wrote a long time ago, and it was published in Serbia and Serbian in 2002. but when I started building my brilliant-idea hybrid book, I translated some of my poems. You see, last year, I envisioned my book somewhat as the New Yorker--short stories, essays, poems and plays, but I guess that was a little too creative for the depleting publishing market of 2011.
This year I decided to be boring and only write short stories.
Maybe a novel later on.
While looking for an outlet for my stories, I stumbled upon the Burning Word that accepts flash fiction (I only have one flash fiction story) and poems. So I said, "why not" and I sent a few.
I got an e-mail on Jan. 1, 2012 (cool, right?!) saying they loved it and want to publish it.
This was while I was buying and listening to my favorite Bijelo Dugme songs, on iTunes. It was a good moment.
The not so good part is that I hate my PC. And all PCs. I was actually so frustrated with my Toshiba Satellite yesterday that I went to an Apple store to look at Macs.
I got some Vista Security 2012 virus on it, on Christmas day, and whatever I did, I couldn't get rid of it. It would actually completely hijack my laptop, and my laptop is my right hand. I am kind of lost without it, and very, very obnoxious to be around if there's something wrong with it ( just ask my husband.)
So, then I spent half a day working on it, finally uploaded Norton antivirus, which then screwed up my Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox so now I probably don't have a virus on my laptop, but I can't use Internet either.
Even this stupid little Notebook of Dell's I'm writing on right now, I really, sincerely want to smash against the wall. And I'm not a violent person. Usually.
So, I'm waiting for my next big payday and I'm getting myself a Mac Air. And with it, my sanity back.

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