Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Challenge: Day Thirteenth or the Luckiest Day on Earth

If you think that having someone clean your house isn't inspirational, think again.
Today, while my housekeeper was scrubbing my bathroom, I almost finished my new, wonderful story, with a very sad name--Bucket of melted pig's fat.
Now, you know I'm a vegetarian and an animal activist. But this is a true story, told to me by my mother, and it's about my great grandparents. Apparently, pig's fat was liquid gold in World War II. So, as much as I'm against animal cruelty, this story is true and needed to be told.
It's fictionalized, of course.
The other reason I named it this way, is because an agent told me it's a great, specific detail, and good stories have those.
Plus, admit it, you want to read the story, or you are completely repulsed by the title.
That's what I'm going for, one of the other. Not really ;-)
I'm also very tired today, and even more surprised how I have managed to write over 1,000 words (I started this story yesterday) in such state. My writing group met last night, and we had wine over discussions, then we took it down to the bar. It was oh, so fun, but then, at midnight, I couldn't turn my brain off, and I think I spent the whole night thinking about their stories and mine. About characters. About what they could do.
Hmmm, maybe this challenge wasn't such a good idea. I might need therapy after I finish it.
Also, I would not have been able to write this post if it were not for caffeine. Who ever invented or found, or produced caffeine first, should be given a Nobel prize for...peace.
p.s. You can tell it kicked in, right? Anyway, I'm down to 35,000 words! 5000 more to go, and 10 more days. Easy, breezy. ;-)
p.p.s. Stay away from pig's fat. It will slowly kill you. And I had my first tater tots last night. Four. Those will kill you too.
p.p.p.s. What am I talking about?! Therapy? I'm going to Cayman Islands right after the challenge. All the therapy I'll need is shopping with a frozen cocktail in my hand.

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