Sunday, February 5, 2012

New challenge, Dolphins and Stingrays

Aaaaaand I'm back.
I'd like to write, "unfortunately," but despite the fact that I had a great time in Grand Cayman, I missed my cats, and civilization as I know it, i.e. my laptop.
I made some amazing memories and lived through some unadulterated moments of happiness, such as swimming with, holding and petting the stingrays, and feeding and belly-riding a dolphin, both must-dos if you are ever on Grand Cayman, but a week was enough. Enough of swimming in the warm Caribbean sea, walking along the white, sandy Seven Mile Beach, eating incredibly tasty sea food (seriously, I don't know how they do it, I didn't have a single bad meal in a week), drinking frozen cocktails and relaxing in the hot tub literary in front of my resort suite's balcony.
But I'm back, having missed one of my fiction writing classes ( now I can say "unfortunately,") and with my inbox full of things to do.
So today, going through my fat e-mail box, I found another challenge I can do. Another book competition ending at the end of March. I'm thinking about it...
Also, I'm planning on going to Serbia and assorted European countries in mid-March. So, it would have to be another short-er challenge. That, and I want to go vegan-ish, at least for a time before I get to Serbia. Because, you can't be vegan in Serbia. At least not in late winter/early spring, whatever March turns out to be.
Considering how snowed down and freezing it is right now (Europe), probably still winter.
Anyway, the point of this post is:
If you can go to Grand Cayman, go, it's worth the trip. It's only three hours direct from DC.
And wait up for another writing challenge, probably.
p.s. If this post isn't coherent, it's probably because I'm writing it while my in-laws are watching SuperBowl. In the same room, yes.

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