Friday, February 17, 2012

Half around the world in 40 days

So, my friends, so much has happened since I was here last.
I booked my first two legs of my over-a-month-long-European-and-African-trip.
And I booked one of those on Virgin Atlantic.
I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.
Well, as well traveled as I am, I have never flown Virgin Atlantic before. And I heard that it's decadence in the air.
Imagine my joy this morning when I chose a seat not that far from a bar. Yes, an actual bar. I knew I haven't seen it "all " then. And I want to. (Well, maybe not all.)
So, I'm taking Virgin Atlantic to London, then staying with one my my best friends in the whole wide world, for three days, then flying to Belgrade. I'll be in Belgrade for a few days, then I'm going down to Constantinople, or Nis. (Not Istanbul, the Emperor Constantine was born in the same city as I was, Nis, though it wasn't Nis then, it was Naissus.)
After about two weeks in Nis, I'm going to Skopje to meet my husband.
Then, the two of us are going to Paris. (Yay!) By the way, I have been in love with Paris since my second French class in Fifth grade.
Then, we're going to Morocco, to visit friends.
Then back to Paris for another few days. More croissants and Champs Elysee.
Then back to Skopje.
After that I'm going back to London for another few days. And only then, back to DC on April 11.
I'm leaving on March 7.
But that's not the end. Oh, no. (If you know me, you know it never is.)
On April 15, I'm going to Puerto Rico, on a cruise, as an interpreter, but still, on a week-long Caribbean cruise.
And the bonus is--I'm going to all the islands I still haven't visited, such as British Virgin Islands and French West Indies.
Oh, joy. Does it come across the screen? My face hurts from smiling...
And, I'm guaranteed a very nice, spacious suite on the cruiser, with a window, and everything included! That includes an open bar. AN OPEN BAR!!!
So, I'll be back from that working-heavenly trip on April 22.
There you go, that's why it's 40 days.
I'll be traveling for about 40 days, non-stop.
I have to start travel-writing....
p.s. A disclaimer: The author of this blog is not, I repeat not, an alcoholic. As a matter a fact, she's pretty lame when it comes to alcohol. She sometimes gets tipsy from just looking at it, and definitely from one drink. She could probably not walk after the third one, but she never tried. She, in fact, usually has only one drink, and only on special occasions, like all inclusive cruises, or parties. Or vacations. Or...
p.p.s. Alcohol in general is bad for you. Well, actually, I think one glass of wine or beer a day is good for you. But, still, don't drink! Well, maybe just mojitos and strawberry daiquiris....

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