Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Confessions of an overwhelmed novelist

Is nothing going to be easy while I write this book? I mean, could I just get a break?

I'm once again going to bitch about a rewrite. A huge, enormous, humongous rewrite that I just started. The key word being "just."

I met with my writing-partner. Submitted a third to last chapter in my book feeling pretty good about it. I mean, sure, she'll have edits but those are good, they would make the story better.

"This chapter is actually two. Two stories."

And the important thing to realize is that I do not just do whatever she tell me. She proves her theory, she elaborates. And she almost always right. She's just that good.

So, I sigh. I say, "that's right," "great idea," and so on.

And I'm thinking, when will this end?

I want to start writing my second book!

So I dragged me, myself and my laptop to a cafe and began the monstrosity of a rewrite.
Good news! I have a clear picture of where I want to go.
Bad news?
I can't save much of the old story (24 pages). I tried but it's developing in a different way, with a different voice and point of view and... uh!

The good news? The book is getting better and better!!! Bad news? I'm never going to finish this book. Ever!

Is it September yet?

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