Monday, July 22, 2013

Thirteen Shades of Yellow or London in September

So, I'm back to 76,143. (Damn.) That many words in my book. Just that many. I need more.
Why am I losing words?
My writing partner made a very strong case for one of the chapters not belonging in it. She suggested I rewrite it from scratch and put it at the end of the book.
But, I don't want to end my book with my main character Ana hanging out with her Ex and hooking up with someone who likes her red hair.
My book is so not a romance, or any kind of a hooking-up book. I wish it were. (That's my next book, Thirteen shades of yellow:-)
This one is deep, and political, and Voodoo, and important.
Sometimes I worry that Serbs might shun me after reading it. As a fiction writer, I can be hard on them. But that's also being hard on myself. Or anybody else for that matter.

I'm going to sacrifice one chapter. Sigh. And work on others.
The other one is already getting more complex with Ana now dating her Bosnian Muslim professor in Serbia during the war in Bosnia in 1994-1995.
I know.
Let just's a bit complicated.

So...I have been sighing a lot. And thinking about London.
Did you know that I began packing last week for my trip on Sept. 8th?
I'm not kidding. I need professional help.

I also began writing a list of things I would like to do while in London: Neal's Yard, Downton Abbey (I know it's not the castle's real name), British Museum for Greek Freezes, Sherlock Holmes museum for a bigger Baker Street sign than the one I have in my bathroom now, tea houses, lots of tea houses, and friends, lots of friends.
Don't have much time (unfortunately). Four days. Four nights. I'm not planning on sleeping much. English breakfast, anyone?

I'm not going to plan Serbia. (Who plans anything is Serbia?)

Then maybe Greece and probably Turkey.

So, where was I. Oh yes. What month is it? How much longer to September?

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