Friday, July 26, 2013

Random coffee shop poll on Weiner's sexting

As I'm trying (the operating word being trying) to write/edit, I'm overhearing this conversation (overhearing being a euphemism) between two middle-aged women next to me:

"Why is Weiner in the news again?"
"Cause of the sexting."
"What's wrong with that? If it's consensual?"
"Well, he' married."
"Oh, well, then it's wrong."
"At least keep it confidential!"
"He's a sick guy, some sort of exhibitionist, something must have happened to his parents..."
"So, how's your weekend...?"

Well, I have to say Weiner sexting is better than the royal baby. I mean, I have been frustrated with the royal baby coverage, or over-coverage. This is how I would report on it, if at all. "The royal baby has been born. The end."

So what do you think about what Weiner has done? Been doing? I have to say, there's something "interesting" for the lack of a better word (bizarre) about knowing how your mayor's penis looks like.

The saddest thing for me in that whole sexting, penis showing to strangers affair, is his poor, smart, successful wife. I don't understand why a woman like that would stay with a creep like him. She's out of his league and she's standing next to him at the podium, supporting him. It must be mortifying. I wish I could understand her reasons. But I don't. Do you?

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