Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yoga according to Taliban

I had a bizarre day yesterday.

Morning was wonderful. I woke up early, strolled to a cafe with my laptop and had a writing breakthrough.

Then I went to Yoga at noon.

And if you know me, if you have been reading me, you probably know I have been doing Yoga regularly in the same studio for almost three years now.
Everybody knows me there, addresses me by name, just waves me in.
And I have been feeling there at home. Until yesterday.

After the class, a young woman in pink, sporting a strong Eastern European accent approaches me and tell me the following:

"I work for (Studio name omitted) and you're not suppose to walk into the studio with shoes."

It's not what she said. It's how she said it. Like a bitch. Now that I think of it, she looked at me weirdly a few times during class as well, when I requested Tree and Dancer, and when I came back from the bathroom (I have the smallest bladder ever.)

So then, of course, my inner bitch awakens.

"I wouldn't be wearing flip flops if I hadn't found broken glass in this room multiple times."

Then I just walk away.

I have never, ever seen her before. She must have been brand new.

So, I shrug it off, go to the Manager to tell him how much I love their new Zumba class. We chat, laugh, he tell me "he loves me" cause I'm so upbeat, funny, excited.

Then an hour later, I get an e-mail from him. From the same manager who "loves me:"


Hope you enjoyed your cool class this morning.
After class I recieved a number of complaints from 2 clients about class
concerning you, that I decided to bring to your attention. 

Shoes are suppose to be kept off during class so dirt from outside won't muck up the floor.
I personally sweep before every noon classs.

Also, was told that your skirt was revealing enough to see your privates and that
while doing certain poses you move ahead of the class distracting those around you.

Please be cautious of your dressing and positioning. When people see how good you are they assume to follow you which throws off the class. 

Not in any light an I meaning this in a disrespectful tone.
But when people come to me I must do anything I can. 
Thank you for understanding. 

Oh my God, I was so mad!  What is this, Yoga according to Taliban?

And here's my response to him:

"Wow! I'm stunned and shocked by this e-mail! I have been coming to (Studio name omitted) for three years regularly and never heard anything like this before.

The reason I came in with flip flops is because I stepped on a piece of broken glass about ten times in the last three years. I didn't want to get cut. I have pointed this out to whomever was at the desk at the time, repeatedly, but then again, a few weeks later, I find another piece of glass, on the floor or my mat. 

As for my clothing, I was wearing shorts under that skirt. And whoever said that they could see my privates is ridiculous and is lying. It's absolutely impossible.

Was it that spiteful, rude girl in pink with an Eastern European accent? I'm appalled and offended you would take her word over mine. 

Either way, I'm very disappointed you would send me an e-mail like this. I practically have been living in (Studio name omitted).

Maybe it's time for me to look for another Yoga studio.

I think I paid until the 25th, so please don't charge me after July 25th.

This is all just very sad. 


There you go. There goes the loyalty.
What angers me the most is that I'm still upset about all this!

So, now, after three years, I'm dating again, looking for another Yoga studio.
So much for Namaste!
Well, Namaste to you too!

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