Friday, August 2, 2013

Calling all Serb-Americans to star in my book

Checking in.

It is August 2! (Crap, already?!?!)

And I have 79,708 words to plug in.

So, I'm almost there, almost reached my goal.

Oh man, these last few days were brutal, I tell you, brutal!

I bring this chapter, Storm, to my writing-partner/editor, and she very rightfully says: "These are two chapters, not one. Rewrite."

And I look at her elaborate report. Yes, she writes a report. Golden.

And she's right. I see that she's right. She just is. It makes sense. This is why writers make horrible self-readers. No perspective.

Now if this were another person's story, I would have probably said the same thing.

So I start rewriting the same day, full of anxiety, there's my deadline, I can't afford to lose word count, I have a trip coming up, blah blah, but mostly I had no damn clue what to do?!

So I take it slow and work through it, and I can finally say today, I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or the sun above the water.

I'm swimming upstream! (Just hope I don't get caught in some damn net.)

Of course, I'm nowhere near polished completion.
But, pay attention, light!

Also, one of these chapters is about these three Serb-Americans in the States who get drunk, so drunk on rakija over Ceca one evening they glorify Serbia they left behind and trash Americans. So, I myself cannot think of every little genius thing that bugged me when I moved here from Serbia in 2004. It's been a while. So, if you have moved from Serbia to the U.S. in this century, please contact me to tell me what you missed the most? What is it you couldn't stand about America?

It would be of enormous help.

So, I have six more days to build, then a whole month to polish. Then I'm taking off.

My birthday is in the middle too. I have big plans for that marvelous day too!

And a photo shoot planned.

Stay tuned!

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