Friday, November 30, 2012

Wheels up! (literally and figuratively)

And I'm done! I'm done! I have written 50,391 words in one month, of a brand new novel, with no preparation in advance.
I am proud and it does feel good, and I think, at the end, it has potential.
It, of course, needs a lot of work. It's rough, the scenes are not where they are suppose to be and I'm sure it has many holes.
But I still have a rough novel on my laptop. Yay, right? (or Jupi in Serbian:-)
And now I have to finish packing, and shopping.
I'm taking off tomorrow night, through Munich to Serbia, to see my family and friends.
And I will blog from Serbia. Serbia-blog. Blog-o-Nis. Nis-o-Blog.
So, stay tuned.
p.s. I need a big break from my novel. Oh, by the way, the title is Gorilla :-)
So, if you know anything about what I have done for the New Yorker, you'll know a bit what the novel is about.
p.p.s I heard it's snowing in Germany. And in Bosnia. Say it isn't so...?(I better pack my snow boots:)
Hope not to be snowed in, anywhere.

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