Friday, December 21, 2012

Don't suck on honey on a German train...or do

I was sitting on a train from Munchen Flughafen to Central Station.

I just missed the first train by two seconds, and the one I was finally on came in 19 minutes.
I was already hungry since Lufthansa only had sandwiches with ham.
"Do you have a vegetarian sandwich?" I politely asked the German flight attendant.
"You can take the meat out," she said and smiled as if she just invented electricity.

Makes sense, right? Well, not to me. How can I protest meat if I throw it away?! Nothing upsets me more than throwing meat away. It's not air. An animal was killed for it.
So, I politely declined the sandwich.

But two hours later, I was starving. And all my food I brought from Serbia, translation--vegan cookies, Eurocream, or kremche as my niece calls it (or the devil food, as I call it since it's delicious and addictive and when I have it in my kitchen, I can't eat anything else,) chocolates of all kinds...all of that, neatly packed in my suitcase.

So, I was sitting across from a gentleman German who lifted my carry-on, and holding on to my check-in suitcase that weighed probably as much as I was, and I rummaged through my purse since the trip was another 45 minutes, plus another 10 to get to the hotel.

And I was starving!

All I found in my purse, eatable, was a little pocket of honey, you know, one of those things you get with your tea in a cafe. My Mom gave it to me since honey is medicinal and it can be used for sore throat, disinfection...
So I opened the little pouch and began sucking the honey out of it.
And I pretended it was a normal thing to do--eat honey on a train. In Germany. Totally nonchalant. As if I were reading a paper or a book, or checking my phone.
But with my peripheral vision, I saw that the German guy across from me was glancing, occasionally lifting his eyes from his paper.
I pretended not to see him. Looked through the window. Looked at my phone.

As I was finishing my snack, squeezing the bag so I get all of the honey, he got up and moved to another seat.

My first!

I guess sucking on honey is considered crazy in Germany! Who knew?!

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