Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blog-crastinator or 6,666 words to go

Actually, last night I had about 6,600 words left to go. This morning, I made myself write the novel before writing this post. But 6,666 sounds better, right. A little bit of an artistic licence.
So, I have three days to go to win the NaNoWriMo. What do I win? Absolutely nothing, except for the fact that I have managed to write rough 50000 words of a novel in one month. How cool is that exactly? I'm not sure. It's cool when other people do it. Me? What do I do with that novel now?!
It's a rough draft, rougher than anything else I have ever written since I have never before been forced to write so much fiction on a deadline.
And now, even before it's finished, I don't feel like reading it ever again.
But that would be a waste, right? Right!
So, I'll probably let it sit for 20 years (:-) and then pick it up and work on it.

Was this NaNoWriMo challenge a good idea?
I'm not sure. It definitely made me outline a novel I had in mind. It made me write almost every day (I missed one due to guests). And it's a great writing exercise.
But would I do it again?
No way!
I think one novel that needs about another year of constant work is enough.
So, now, I have (let me check) a little less than 5000 words for go, and 2.5 days.
And I'm already tired of writing today, but I have to get in another shift, otherwise, I won't be able to make up 2500 a day, since I also have to pack and prepare for my trip on Saturday.
Here we go! Shift two! (My back hurts, I need to get up and walk around...maybe I should do Yoga?)

On a not-so-related note--anybody been to Munich Christmas Time?

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