Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Broken Ana

"What did you do on Halloween?"
I took a late Power Vinyasa class. Then watched House. Went to bed half an hour after midnight, and never turned into a pumpkin. Lame, I know.
But, the Post-Halloween day happens to be the first day of a month. I often (when I know what date it is) try to do something "useful" on the first day of a month. Or a year. Or on Serbian Christmas. It's because I had been brainwashed by my mother that you should start something you want to be successful at, on Serbian Christmas. So if you always wanted to fly, you should try that on Jan. 7th, according to an old Serbian belief. I believe that my mother learned all these from her late-grandmother, born and raised in a village in Southeast Serbia. I question her sources...
So, today, I made a plan. I'll be working on my Broken Mirror story, then submit it to my teacher for review. Then work on my Does Ana have a reason to sleep so beautifully probably for the last time, before I submit it somewhere. And then, I have a 3pm meeting with a contact to brainstorm about my career. So, I'm half down Ana story, and decided to take a break by writing this blog.
I think my writing is going really well, in general and today. There are days when I can't even think about writing (makes me nauseated) but mostly I am really looking forward to it. Like today. But then there are days when I want to write but everything that comes out seems contrite and cliched.
Today was good. Worked pretty fast. Came up with some original solutions for unoriginal problems, some great descriptions. Have been working on being more descriptive in my writing, up to the point that I have been told recently that I'm too descriptive. Hmmm... sounds like something my mother has been saying about me since I was five--that I'm either at one end, or the other. It has been hard to strike a balance.
But, I'm planning on being done with these huge stories for my book soon, then move to the remaining...twenty...or so. Yes, I know, it's a lot. I actually become a little bit discouraged when I realize how much work is ahead of me, but then, I realize how much work I have already put it, and I hate doing things in vain. So, hopefully, I'll have a second version of my first book, by Jan. 2012. Exactly a year from my first version.
Come to think of it, it has been a long year...but that's probably because I have lived it in DC...

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