Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why am I in love with Wendy Davis

Yes, I have been in love with Wendy Davis since yesterday.

Yes, the Democratic Senator who spoke for more than 10 hours in Texas without a bathroom break, water, food, or anything to lean on.
She's a super-woman! A super woman with Harvard law degree, and apparently a super-bladder!
I don't think I could stand on my feet or go without water or bathroom for two hours, let alone ten?!
She should run with Hillary Clinton on the ticket in 2016! Not only would I vote for them, but I would want to work on that campaign.

I'm very, very tired of hearing men discuss abortion and women's rights.
If you want to discuss women's rights, you have to be a woman, how's that for a rule of harmonious living!
What's up with all those old white men and the abortion?
If you're against one, you don't have it then! It's a free country. Still. Why are you trying to make it not be so?
This ban on abortion after 20 weeks is a slippery slope. Again, I have a problem with anybody telling me what I could or couldn't do with my body. Especially a bunch of men both the House and Senate are filled with.
We need more women representing us!!!

And for the record, I'm not pro-abortion, and I'm pro-choice! I don't think any woman would have an abortion unless she really had to.

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