Thursday, June 13, 2013

Novel silence

This has been a novel silence. A "novel" silence.
Still going at it. Still with my writing-partner.
(Have I mentioned she's brilliant?)
She has such gift of pointing out the crap in my writing--the occasional cliche we all succumb to once in a while, all the gaps and holes, and the best of all, the potential! All the things, people, events I should be writing about but I haven't thought about it. (Duh!)

Me? I'm great with endings! My endings are always dramatic. My beginnings? Not so much! I like to warm up, my "runway" tends to stretch long. (Then I forget to cut the beginning all together). But once pointed out to me, oh boy, could I rewrite the hell out of it! And make it into a gem it's meant to be. (Oh yes.)

So, this is why I haven't been writing my blog lately, while I have been reading more (God bless me), watching less TV (I love Breaking Bad, so shoot me), and rewriting my whole book!
It's looking good, my future-readers, it's looking good!
I still have two mountains and a hill to climb over but my deadline is October 15, and I think by then, I will actually have a kick-ass Balkan family saga novel-in-stories, that would scare the hell out of you.
(Just finished reading Junot Diaz's Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and boy, was I wowed! He made me sad but I still love him. This is what I'm going for! Making you miserable!)
So today, ahead of the storm, I'm rewriting my Angela story into a chapter, based on my partner's extensive, painful feedback. (Have I mentioned she's brilliant? And has a top-secret identity).
So, sails away!
Here we go.
Here we.

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