Wednesday, April 25, 2012

iBaby, iHoney, iWacky...

It's a big day for me! I finally bought my first Mac! And it wasn't an easy decision, let me tell you. So, there's Mac Pro and there's Mac Air! Oh my, my sufferings along the way! I mean, the Air looks so sexy and sleek and anorexic, but the Pro has better guts--more memory and better processor, but it also likes to munch more so it's a bit heavier--less than a kilogram--so it was a very tough decision. I decided to go with the substance over looks, this one time, and My Pro is now comfortably resting behind a deadbolt in my apartment. If you're visiting soon, please don't even try to approach my new iHoney with drinks, food or any kind of bodily fluids. If I see you even attempting to sneeze near it, I will tackle you!
I'm in Dolcezza (of course, ) writing this on my old (2007) Toshiba Satellite U300, currently in hospice state, and when my husband asked me an hour ago:
"So, you're bringing your new Mac to Dolcezza?"
I said: "No, no... no, no, no....NO!"
Last night, I blasted a colleague's story at GW for her adult character talking to her purse being unbelievable, unless she's wacky. (Which she wasn't.) I said, and I quote: "if you talk to your purse, you need professional help."
I vow to you that, as much as my laptop is perfect, shiny, problemless, I will not talk to it, or call it "baby!"
I only personify my car (red VW New Beetle,) but, come on, can you blame me? Have you ever seen a New Beetle up close?
New Mac is not that cute, but, if you come over, don't even breathe too close to it.

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