Friday, April 5, 2013

Play a Writer

I have finally joined the corporate world. After years of bitchin' about it.
I walk to work. I work 9 to 5 (or 10 to 6). I have my own office with my name by the door. I go to the gym at 530pm.
Life is good.
Except that it isn't.
I can't travel when I want, and I haven't written a word in three weeks.
So what do I want? I have no idea.
All my dreams of going to Caribbean at the end of the month, then to Martha's Vineyard for my birthday in August, then in September to London and Downton Abbey, and to Serbia and Istanbul (or Constantinople if you prefer) are slowly fading.
But, the worst is the fact that I was just on the right path to my novel, and now that might be gone as well.


But I do have a nice, full-time job that makes me feel...useful? It's good to make money! Makes you you're doing what you're suppose to do? Contributing? Blah blah?

I guess freelancing ain't so bad?

I don't know, something's gotta give. I guess I'm trying this out, to see if it fits.
It's too early to say if I'm cut out for it.
But I do miss my book. I miss it a lot. I miss my characters, I miss the world I live in with them when my nose is pinned into the page.

And of course, I haven't written this blog FOR-EVER!

But, don't despair! I'm still meeting with my writing-partner (for now.) I'm signing up for a writer's conference next weekend.
I'm still gonna play a writer...
For as long as I should live...

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