Thursday, October 20, 2011

"If you don't know what crazy is, you're not normal."

I have experienced collective madness and delirium last night, at Goran Bregovic and his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra's concert at Carnegie. It was so fun, that at one point my chest was hurting from laugh.
This is actually my third concert of theirs--Lincoln Center, Park Slope and now Carnegie, and they have all been good, but this one--just perfection. In two and a half hours of playing time, I had goosebumps, danced, screamed, jumped and was drenched in sweat and endorphins.
I came with friends, but then, the funny thing happened--I made more friends. It was so easy. A song that I love started, I went just to the front of the podium, and two other girls asked me to dance a kolo, a traditional Serbian group dance, with them. I have never seen them before. I absolutely admire people like that!
I also befriended the guy in the seat next to me. He was my partner in driving the elder couple in front of us crazy, with our loud singing and hand waving. That's when we weren't dancing like we put our fingers into a power outlet.
After the concert, with my brand new girlfriend having a backstage pass, and already being there, I talked my way into the backstage area, and met Mr. Bregovic, even had my picture taken with him.
I love myself driven and brave. This is Marija I want to be, this person, brought by NYC in me, having fun and fighting hard for what she wants.
p.s. Bregovic sang: "If you don't know what crazy is, you're not normal." We collectively jumped and screamed to that. Point taken.
p.p.s. My Carnegie seat neighbor turned out to be Albanian. And I dragged him almost on stage to dance to Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian-Gypsy music. I love this city!

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